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Sellers - Policy, Terms & Conditions

DIRYVI -  Sellers - Policy, Terms & Conditions


1. Inventory : Minimum 25 SKUs

2. Inventory Updation: Sellers should make sure that the product inventory is updated when the product is out of stock.

3. Products Upload: Sellers are responsible for taking high quality images and should upload it in their account with all the necessary genuine descriptions. If high quality images support are needed, Diryvi can help the sellers for technical assistance, please email us at

4. Shipping : It is on sellers, they can use their own shipping method or you can tie up with us for Shipping.

5. Returns: If there are any returns made by the customer due to quality and incorrectness of the product, seller should accept the return and update the same on the inventory. Diryvi will take all the necessary steps to accept returns only if the reasons are genuine to protect our Sellers.

6. Product price : Sellers should disclose the actual manufacturing or buying cost of the product to Diryvi so that, Diryvi will recommend the selling price of the product in the site.

7. Commissions & Rates :  Once a seller has been registered, we will have further communications to workout a plan that are beneficial both sellers and DIRYVI. 


8. Support : Sellers should share their business Contact no and should be available for any support for customers relating to delivery, order queries, FAQs and so on.  SLAs shall be applicable.


NOTE: The policies are subject to change at the discretion of  All important updates shall be communicated via email as and when required.

Attractive Green linen Party Saree With Embroidery

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Attractive Green linen Party Saree With Embroidery

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